Travelling by car

Many of you will use a navigation system. Use the address above and it will lead you to the parking lot in front of the reception desk.
If you don’t use a navigation system, than within Holland, take the A12 and A18 to Doetinchem. If you travel through Germany, take the A3 in Germany, then follow the A12 and A18 in Holland. From the A18, take exit number 4 to Zelhem. Follow the signs to Zelhem. Once you approach Zelhem, go in the direction of Ruurlo. After you pass the village of Zelhem, about 1 km after the last roundabout, you will the see the signs of De Betteld. Once you see the signs, turn right to the Aaltenseweg. Travel 2 more kilometers and you will find De Betteld directly over the intersection.

Travelling by plane

If you travel by plane, here are some different options.


Airport Dusseldorf - Weeze


This is 40 miles from De Betteld in Germany and generally the least expensive. It is a European Ryan Air hub. You can book your tickets for Ryan air here: During conferences there will be windows of arrival and times set for shuttle busses. See the conference information. If shuttle busses are not available, at Weeze you will find several car rentals.


Airport Schiphol or Dusseldorf air plane


If you have an intercontinental flight, you will have to fly through Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or Dusseldorf Airport. Schiphol is about 90 minutes by car and Dusseldorf is a little closer. Try to arrive within the time provided by the organizing conference. They will provide shuttle busses.


Travelling by train from Schiphol Airport to Doetinchem


Shuttle busses will be made available to Doetinchem for a small fee. If you don’t arrive during the shuttle bus operational times, you can travel to Doetinchem by train. This is 6 miles from De Betteld and we’ll pick you up in Doetinchem. Let us know that you need to picked up. Give a phonecall.


Close to the meeting point in the main hall of Schiphol, you will find many yellow ticket machines for the trains. You can use your Visa or Mastercard to pay. Choose English instructions or the language of your choice. Buy a ticket to the city of Doetinchem. Look on your ticket for the number of the platform. Than take the escalator one floor down to the trains.


Go to the time tables and find out how to travel via Utrecht and Arnhem to Doetinchem. In some situations, you will have to change trains in Utrecht and Arnhem and in other situations, you just have to change trains in Arnhem. If you don’t understand something, ask for help. The Dutch are generally eager to help foreigners. Once you are on the train from Arnhem to Doetinchem, call us to pick you up. You will arrive in Doetinchem in 45 minutes after leaving Arnhem.

Note:  don’t get out at Doetinchem “De Huet” but at the central station “Doetinchem”.


Public transport


Come to us by public transport! Click <here> to access the route planner.