We will offer four options to take part:

1. Full time school
For everybody in the whole wide world as a full time school. During the weekdays the sessions are just available for the students staying for the whole course or all the week days. Students are off on the whole Thursday and the Friday morning and afternoon. You stay at De Betteld during the whole course.

2. Weekend school
If your living just a few hours away from De Betteld in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium or Luxembourg, we also offer the possibility as a weekend school. In that case you just get the teachers and topics form the weekends in the schedule of the curriculum . You stay at the Betteld during the weekends for two nights + catering.

3.Week days school
For those living in this part of the world, you can also choose to participate during all the week days. This could be feasible for those who don’t have to go to work. You stay at the Betteld during the weekends for two nights + catering.

4.Conference visitor weekends
As a weekend visitor. You can choose what ever you like during the weekends. If you like to come for a weekend as a visitor, please go to Scroll to the right date. It will probably be ready around Christmas time.

The main auditorium holds max 1800 people.

Weekend sessions:
Friday evening, Saturday morning, afternoon and evening, Sunday morning session (closure).

Weekdays sessions:
From Monday afternoon to Wednesday a session in the morning and two in the afternoon. The evenings are for reflections, prayer, homework, social connections and to relax.

Outreaches in connection with the students:
The last week of the school is the outreach in a major city in Europe as described below. Also on an earlier stage, there will be an outreach in a major city in The Netherlands. Students help prepare and use their talents during these outreaches. They stay with host families from local churches so that the team and the local church get as much involved as possible.

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If you participate in the worship, please explain what instrument you play or sing.