“Europe arise”

626px-Europe terrainGMSE will work on European gatherings to worship, intercede, release and teach. The best would work to take weekends and set up a campaign and a 24-3 prayer meeting for a whole weekend and at the end a huge meeting for the unbelievers to accept Jesus as their Saviour. Over a certain period we could go to most European countries. Of course we will seek Gods directions. Our sequence could be a meeting every last week of each school in a chosen country. 
To prepare in a specific country, we call out a period of three months for the churches to pray and fast for the nation. The school also will intercede for this nation specifically from the beginning. We will provide information and a website for the leaders and pastors of the country. Important is unity in the body of Christ in this specific country (John 17:22-23).

“I gave them the same glory you gave me, so that they may be one, just as you and I are one: 23 I in them and you in me, so that they may be completely one, in order that the world may know that you sent me and that you love them as you love me.”

Steps to take

1. We’ll bring together the spiritual leaders and houses of prayer of the specific country or region to work together in unity.
2. The church as a whole and the houses of prayer start to pray and fast for 3 months.
3. During the Thursday before this weekend we want as many as possible “nation changers” to come. We will focus on worship, intersession, releasing, proclaiming the word of God. They will continue with this all over the weekend. (Led by David Hall and the team “Now is the time”).
4. Friday evening we will also start in another room with teaching and worship for a bigger group of people Less involved in the prayer movement. Hungry people, desperate for a change (meetings led by regional and international teachers) We want everybody to understand the times we’re living in.
5. Saturday will be a “The Call” meeting according to the Solemn Assembles of Joel 2. Saturday evening everybody will go out on the streets to prayer walk and invite people personally to come to the Sunday afternoon meeting. We’ll provide flyers and roses with a card as an invitation.
6. Sunday afternoon at 15.00 hour we will have a meeting for the non Christians to surrender to Jesus. 

Involved in the campaigns



Wilkin v/d Kamp:      (The father heart of God, Reconciliation, Unity, Freedom and fullness in Christ)

Stacey Campbell:    (The bride prepares to meet the Bridegroom)

Celeste Nova           (Leading worship and teach about worship)

Suzette Hattinhg      (Prayer, why and how )


We also ask specific speakers from those countries who understand the prophetic message for Europe and the times we live in. We need to set up an international team to get in touch with all the necessary leaders in all European countries. Lodewijk van Weerden is willing to help this project develop. Martin & Karin Koornstra from Royal Mission are positive about contributing programming to kids and teenagers. 

Church planting Europe

1. Follow up for the local church HowTo Metselen2. Follow up for the people who accepted Christ

We will appoint a campaign leader and provide guidelines for the local church how to give follow up after the campaign.

All the non believers who accepted Christ will be led into an Alpha group that will remain and function as a small church, belonging as a cell group to a local church. The cell group belongs to the same church as the cell group leader.

The campaign leader preparing the campaign will get in touch with the local leaders and set up a structure and a policy how these groups will start, will remain and will multiply.