Mission Possible

Part of the school is a meeting of almost a whole week called Mission Possible. Heidi and Rolland Baker and Mattheus and Rebekah van der Steen (founders TRIN) took the initiative for this week together with many others. Speakers will be Mattheus v/d Steen from Holland, Philip Montofa from Indonesia, Bill Johnson and Kris Valotton from the USA and more. Further contacts so far: Reinhard Bonnke, Suzette Hattingh and Loren Cunningham.

Goal of this meeting is to connect as the western world with 50 of the most closed countries for the gospel in the world. See the list of Open doors below. It is their desire to bring the gospel to the darkest places in the world. It is also their intention to bring a revivalist from each of the 50 countries to the global meeting. These representatives will have a booth where students, missionaries, intercessors, evangelists, business people and others can connect. During the day time there will be the mentioned speakers, worship, prayer and information. The meeting will end with sending people who made commitments out into the world.

Dates for this gathering are: Tuesday 22nd till Sunday –27th October 2013.
It’s open everybody with a heart for these topics and the desire to serve and act.
For more information, please have a look here: www.trin.nl/missionpossible.

christenvervolging groot

List of the 50 most closed countries:
1. North Korea, 2. Afghanistan, 3. Saudi-Arabia, 4. Somalia, 5. Iran, 6. Malediven, 7. Oezbekistan, 8. Jemen, 9. Iraq, 10. Pakistan, 11. Eritrea, 12. Laos, 13. Nigeria, 14. Mauritania, 15. Egypt, 16. Sudan, 17. Bhutan, 18. Turkmenistan, 19. Vietnam, 20. Tsjetsjenia, 21. China, 22. Qatar, 23. Algeria, 24. Comoren, 25. Azerbeidzjan, 26. Libia, 27. Oman, 28. Brunei. 29. Marocco, 30. Quweit, 31. Turkey, 32. India, 33. Burma, 34. Tadzjikistan, 35. Tunesia, 36. Syria, 37. United Arabic Emirates, 38. Ethiopia, 39. Djibouti, 40. Jordan, 41. Cuba, 42. Bella Rus, 43. Indonesia, 44. Palestinian Area’s, 45. Kazachstan, 46. Bahrein, 47. Colombia, 48. Kirgizia, 49. Bangladesh, 50. Malaysia