Welcome on the website of the Global Mission School in Europe. Please have a look around and if you feel called and led to be part of this school, we hope to see you in September of 2013 when we will start.



• Launch of the first school: September 2013 till December 2013
• Further decisions for the longer term after evaluation. We’re Hoping for a school two quarters per year (spring and fall)
• A ten weeks training for anybody with a longing for the mentioned goals


You can get involved in four ways in this school: 
1. Full time 
2. During all the weekends
3. During all the week days 
4. As a visitor in the weekends choosing some of the topics you prefer
More detailed information on this can be found under “subscribe”.


The desire of the school is to bring spiritual awakening in Europe and everywhere where God leads. We want fresh new LIFE and people turn to Christ. It is our longing to help finishing the task that the Lord gave us in the Great Commission and to motivate the Bride to prepare to meet with the Bridegroom. It is also in hearts to support those that are oppressed and in poor conditions. Core values of the school are Gods Word, stretching out to live a life filled with the gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirt, worship, intersession and most of all LOVE and Shalom.


The school is an independent school and we have connections on a relational basis with:
• Iris Ministries (Rolland and Heidi Baker, missionaries in Mozambique)
• Isom Bible School. Currently 250.000 students inside the churches in 140 countries
• The Call2All and YWAM (Mark Anderson)
• The Call (Stacey Campbell)
• IHOPKC (Daniel Lim)
• TRIN / Ran (Mattheus v/d Steen)
• Voice in the city (Suzette Hattingh)


GMSE connected to Isom


Isom is a worldwide bible school in the local church. Every student gets a workbook, video teaching and a local coach from his own church. Often the local coach is the pastor of the church. Isom now has globally 250.000 students and the number is constantly growing. It is in 145 countries around the globe. GMSE will produce new teaching modules with new topics every semester it runs. That means that the lessons will be recorded on video and later on spread all over the countries taking part in the Isom curriculum. 

For more information about Isom, go to www.isom.org