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Markus Rapp
Director and founder of Christ for Europe

Markus Rapp is director and founder of Christ for Europe, a training organization for local churches in Europe. Since 1996 he and his wife Suni from South Korea have been developing training ministries with the twofold purpose 1) to help every church become a training center for ministry, 2) to help local churches to plant new churches. For that purpose they are working with the International School of Ministry – ISOM – the world largest multi-media Bible School in 19 languages, as well as with the healing ministry Cleansing Stream Ministries and the Youth Training Ministry – Youth Bytes. Markus is also the European Director of ISOM with the task to develop church-based training in all languages and nations of Europe. Markus received his training at the Fuller School of World Mission from 1989-1992 where he earned a Master in Missiology. During the late eighties and nineties he and his wife where missionaries with DAWN Ministries and part of the AD 2000 movement. Markus has a heart to build relational bridges across Europe to further church planting movements and training of leaders to disciple the nations. Recently he has come into close connection with the Call2All movement and the EEA to plan together with other European leaders for a Europe conference in 2015. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / web: (German) / (English)