Gerhard hobelman

Gerhard Hobelman


Gerhard Hobelman was born in 1957 in Zelhem, the east of The Netherlands. His Father Bertus had a farm and Gerhard suggested as a little child to turn that into a Family Camp. His Father and mother Bertus and Annie put out a Gideon fleece and God confirmed the idea in a real obvious way. The camp started in 1972 and Bertus died in 1979. Gerhard and his brother Marten were 19 en 22 and they had to manage the camp: 

In 2002 the camp grew to 21 hectares and could hold 430 families and 150 young people in the Hostell. Fifty bungalows were built and also an auditorium holding 2000 seats. From that time on the vision grew and many conference used De Betteld as their facility. All together every year there are average 40 conferences and three months of full time programming during vacation time,.

De Betteld has several residential partners like a childrens camp organisation  a bible school an organisation for mentally disabled and the European House of Prayer

Besides the ministry at De Betteld the vision has grown to a European and global perspective with:
•    A world wide Missions school Europe connected with many global networks.
It will start in September 2013. Website coming soon
•    Connected to the school weekend outreaches to the major capitals and cities in Europe
•    A media TV-box providing:  A. Filtered secular TV, B. Christian channels, C. Positive radio and D. A database with many teachnings and worship selected from all over the world, appropriate for the times we live in.
•    Gospel in the recreation. Gerhard was over 25 years on the national board of and is now for six years on the board of and