bio pict-Herman-June-2012Herman 

Herman was born in a devout Dutch Roman Catholic family in 1957. As a seven year old, he reportedly said that he would like to become a missionary, or perhaps a footballer. As an 18 year-old he dedicated his life to fight poverty in the world and studied ‘Tropical Land and Water Use’ at the Wageningen University. His ideals, however, gradually became heavily frustrated with widespread self-serving politics. As a consequence, he strongly radicalized towards communist inspired political grass roots development work.

 Five days before receiving his master’s diploma Jesus supernaturally intervened. Instead, a fifteen-year more peaceful, quite successful, and satisfactory career based in his own country developed as a software engineer specialising in corporate relational databases. Alongside this, he took a keen interest in Bible study and got involved in various church activities such as leading teenage work.

 In 1999, a brain tumour unexpectedly ended his career. Despite a successful surgery, early 2000 he became 100% disabled for work. Then a gradual protracted road of recovery followed until recently. In the meantime, the Holy Spirit faithfully continued to prepare him for future missionary work of planting churches in his own native country (see also Heleen’s biography).

 Herman was led to train as a minister with the Baptist Union of Great Britain in 2005 for four years. He served as one of the pastors in a first generation Presbyterian Korean diaspora church in Manchester for five years focusing mainly on teenagers and international university students. This was alongside some children and teenage ministry in Persian and Brazilian diaspora churches in Manchester.

 He obtained a first BA(Hons) degree in Contextual Theology in 2010 at the Luther King House Open College validated by The University Of Manchester. This was followed by an MA in Practical Theology with distinction in 2012 at the Assemblies of God affiliated college Mattersey Hall validated by the Glyndŵr University. A holiday on the Canary Islands in Dec 2011 occasioned him to encounter a fresh approach to the gospel of grace. This continues to have a profound influence bringing about an increasing intimacy with Jesus as a person. 

bio pict-Heleen-June-2012Heleen 

Heleen was born in a strong Dutch Reformed family in 1961. Her first call to mission she experienced as a ten year old watching a slideshow presentation by a Dutch missionary working in Africa.

Having trained as a nurse and aged 22 she heard God call her to emigrate to South-Africa where she was invited to help set up care homes for the elderly. Upon having met Jesus personally, she became part of a local pentecostal church there. Here the Lord introduced her in a profound way to a new way of life with the Holy Spirit. She rather unexpectedly was sent back to The Netherlands having spent only some thirteen months upon her arrival in SA.

Heleen married Herman about five years later in 1989 and became active in teenage ministry in a local Pentecostal church. In 1996, they were led to join a local English spoken church that prepared them for God’s call to England in 2001.

In England, she got involved with church work, and youth and international student ministry. On 26th of May 2013, two English and three diaspora churches (Korean, Persian and Brazilian) sent her off together with Herman back again to her native country but now as a missionary to reach her own nation and people.