christian tan

Christian Tan
Pastor Leef Zutphen


Christian grew up in Olst (just above Deventer) in an Indonesian-Dutch family. He met Nathalie in the Philadelphia Pentecostal Church in Deventer and was married in 2001 with her. Now they have 2 children: Jeremy and Soraya. Christian got familiar with the gospel due to his family back in his childhood, but had to find out that Christianity was more than a religion. He has asked God to show Himself to him. This happened to Christian when he visited his family in Indonesia.


After a time of youth leadership in his congregation in Deventer in 2003, Christian became active at the Betteld. In 2005, Christian and Nathalie were asked by Wilkin van de Kamp to consider if they wanted to become pastors in Zutphen, about 15 miles south where they lived in Deventer. They felt that God led them in this and took the challenge and moved to their new missionary area.


Christian graduated in International Development studies and loves his family, music, making music, history, Go Ahead Eagles (soccer), books, Indonesian food, travel, his MacBook, study God's Word and pass it on, and fellowship and liveliness around him.