willem ouweneel

Willem Ouweneel
Writer, biologist, philosopher, theologian





Ouweneel was born in 1944 in Zaandam. He spent his childhood in Apeldoorn and Deventer. After graduating high school he graduated biology at the University of Utrecht.

After a short time of working as a biology teacher in Apeldoorn, he went to the Hubrecht Laboratory in Utrecht to work as a scientist. During this period Ouweneel graduated a doctor with a thesis on the fruit fly. 

From 1975 Ouweneel was a freelance employee of the ‘Evangelsiche Omroep’ where he guided and produced many programs on radio and TV. Apart from this job he also gave many biblical lectures and field studies and wrote dozens of books on creationism, philosophy and all biblical topics. Also Ouweneel was at the start of the Evangelische Hoge School where he gave lessons.

Ouweneel is part of the religious community ‘Vergadering van gelovigen’ where his father was a famous predecessor. He is also member of ‘Vereniging voor Reformatorische Wijsbegeerte’. Philosophy. He also gives many lectures on Biblical topics and publishes a lot mainly on religious subjects.