martin koornstra

Martin Koornstra
Preacher, writer, (youth)trainer




Martin Koornstra was born in Belgium as the second son of Hans and Marijke Koornstra, who were Dutch missionaries in Brussels at that time. Martin finished his engineering studies, worked for a Japanese company and then went to Bible School. There he met his wife Karin and together they lead national kids and youth ministry in Flanders Belgium for over 10 years.


In 2004 they moved to Holland to lead a huge kids and youth ministry in the Bethel church in Friesland Drachten. Since 2009 they started their own fulltime ministry called ‘Royal Mission’ and a fulltime training school called Royal Mission School. Together with a great team they bless the country with their powerful message about the reality of the Kingdom of God. Martin and Karin believe that you can make a difference in every circumstance through the words you speak, the works you do and the wonders you expect. Royal Mission is known for their free monthly days of training throughout the country about children ministry, youth ministry, healing and the Kingdom of God. Martin en Karin also lead the childen- en youth work at De Betteld.


Martin is a well know speaker in the country, loved by young and old, because of his inspiring and relevant teaching about the love and power of Jesus. He is also a trainer, coach and writer, and has released 2 books. Martin and Karin have two daughters: Ingeborg and Lieselot.



‘Live kinglike – you are destined to reign’ by Martin Koornstra

‘The schadow of Jesus’ by Hans, Jeroen and Martin Koornstra